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Yahoo email services are great and one of the best email services provide among other email service provider. There are various versions of Yahoo like free, paid, plus with same features but extended limits and some extra features. The various version of the yahoo email services are: 


Free Version- 


  • Email storage capacity: 1 TB.  
  • Email attachment limit: 25 MB and up to 100 MB via the built-in attach Large Files app
  • Account expiry on inactivity: 12 months.
  • Supported protocols: POP3 in Asia or via POPs, IMAP, SMTP
  • 100 filters to automatically sort incoming emails 
  • Protection from spam and virus 
  • Advertisements are displayed on the screen in the mailbox. Text ads are added to the footer of messages.

 FAQs realted to Yahoo- Yahoo Support


Plus/Ad Free Version-

Yahoo Mail Plus has a $50 set-up fee and a $20 yearly fee. Yahoo Mail plus offers a number of additional features like: 

  • 25 MB of email storage capacity.
  • 10 MB message size limit.
  • Can add 10 attachments per email.
  • POP Access.
  • Archiving of email messages for offline access.
  • send messages from Yahoo Mail using other email domains.
  • Option to block 200 addresses and add 50 filters more filter for emails..
  • No promotional taglines in messages.
  • No account expiration.


Business Version- 



This service includes 10 distinct accounts, each with the same features of Yahoo Plus, as well as a personalized domain name and email address. Accounts can be managed by an admin.  

There is a $25 set-up fee and $9.99 monthly fee. The service has features: 

  • Unlimited email storage capacity.
  • Limit of 10 email accounts.
  • Additional $35 per year to have five custom email addresses and a domain name.
  • Classic Yahoo Mail underlines addresses and phone numbers in emails and allows the user to add them to the address book.

These are the various versions of the yahoo email and now it depends on you to choose according to your need. if you have any query with these packs or want more information on the Yahoo email services, you can also contact Yahoo Customer Support if you are facing a problem with Yahoo and unable to fix them.